have a pro write Your press release.

have a pro write Your press release.

have a pro write Your press release. have a pro write Your press release. have a pro write Your press release.

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Click the Paypal "Order Now" button to pay securely for press release writing services. For $99 you will receive one well written press release. 

After paying, you will be re-directed to a page to submit your company details for the press release.

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How it works

At Pro Press Releases, we have made the process of getting a professional press release written simple. 

  1. Click on the Paypal link above to securely order and pay for the service.
  2. Submit the details for your press release here.
  3. Watch for a confirmation email from Jacqueline Bodnar regarding when your press release will be ready (typically within 24 hours during the business week).
  4. Review your press release to see if anything needs revising or if it’s OK as is.
  5. Once you give the green light, you can begin self-distribution. If you need guidance, Pro Press Releases has a handy distribution tips guide for no additional charge.


What you can expect:


  • Your press release will be written by an expert in the field, Jacqueline Bodnar, who has written thousands of releases. 
  • The press release will be written in AP (Associated Press) style, which is required by most media outlets around the United States. 
  • It will be written in a professional manner that will pique the interest of reporters covering your specific topic. 
  • Every press release is reviewed by a proofreader to ensure nothing is overlooked or missed.


The power of Pro press releases

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