press release must haves

3 Things Every Press Release Must Have

  •  A good angle. Your press release must have something that will draw interest. It needs to be focused on something that will create traction. But don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with the angle; we are experts at doing that. Your press release needs to be engaging, informative, and of interest to those whom it is being pitched to or it will be seen by.

  • Proper writing style. There is a specific format that a press release should be written in. From the way that it’s formatted on the page to ensuring it is written in AP Style, if it’s not properly written, then it will be ignored by the media. The best way to ensure your press release is taken seriously by the media is to have it written by a professional. A professional press release is a highly valuable tool for your company, helping your business to grow, engage consumers, and strengthen your branding and image.

  • The ability to be seen. A press release that isn’t seen by anyone does your company no good. You need to ensure that it was posted online properly and/or sent to specific media outlets and journalists that will be interested in sharing the information with their audience. If you choose the option in which we send out your press release, we handpick and target the places we feel your release should be sent to, thus increasing the chances of you getting exposure out of it.