frequently asked questions


I want to send out a press release, but I don’t have real news to share.
Many people don’t realize that a lot of the news out there is generated by press releases. Whether it’s from press releases offering tips and advice, or ones that are sharing company milestones, they are all opportunities to make a connection with media outlets.

What makes a press release so powerful or better than paying for advertising?
When you pay for advertising you are saying your product or service is great or offering information about it. When you get traction from a press release, the media outlet is shining a light on your company. That is far more powerful for your company than advertising is.

Do I need to come up with the angle or title?
No, being that we are experts in writing press releases, we are happy to provide you with angles, titles, and ideas. If you have some specific news you want to shine a light on, let us know, but if you don’t, that is okay, too. We can come up with several great ideas for you to choose from.

Will my press release be written by a U.S.-based press release writer?
Yes, every press release is expertly written by Jacqueline Bodnar, who has a master’s degree in professional writing. She has been a professional writer since 2004, and has written thousands of press releases thus far. Many other press release writing services charge very little, because they outsource the work overseas or to inexperienced writers.

What can a press release do for me or my company?
A great press release sent to the right people can get you in the news. It can shine a light on you and your company, establish you as an expert in your field, and help grow your business.

Can I write the press release myself and send it to you for distribution?
No, our specialty is in writing press releases. We are experts at doing so. We have found that it’s often difficult to try and “fix” what others wrote in order to bring the quality up to being able to distribute it for them. Therefore, we don’t allow that option. A poorly written press release will be passed up, tossed out, and may make you or your company look bad. A well written press release is an investment in your company and will provide you with a good ROI.